Learn about the Connect 700 Program

In October 2016, Governor Mark Dayton announced the Connect 700 Program (abbreviated C700). The C700 Program is a pre-probationary trial work program that allows eligible individuals with disabilities the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to perform a specific job through C700 for up to 700 hours. C700 employees will receive wages that fit the pay scale for their job but will not receive full benefits. If the C700 employee is successful at their job, they can then enter the probationary status typical for all new state employees (including benefits). If the hiring manager is impressed during the C700 employee's first 30 days then they can decide to advance the employee to probationary status any time after the employee’s first 30 days. (Hiring managers can work with Human Resources to advance the C700 employee earlier than 30 days if they are really impressed with the employee.)

If the C700 employee does not satisfactorily do their job, they might lose the job.