News Submission Guidelines

Citizen Journalism is when the people themselves use the press tools they have available to inform one another. We are dedicated towards helping the Deaf community better inform one another. We believe in the right for all citizens to express themselves. But with this right comes responsibility towards society. We have drafted these guidelines in order to help you better understand your responsibilities.

Citizen Reporter Guidelines

1) Respect copyright. You are encouraged to use a Creative Commons license for your own original material. For materials created by others, you must have explicit permission to reuse it.

2) Provide true information. No assumptions, gossip, harmful or false information. It is strongly encouraged that you provide links to your original information resources, as well as where to find additional information.

3) Fairly state the facts. You should provide correct and unmanipulated facts, fairly showing each point of view. EVEN if you disagree with it. You may impart your point of view, but must also fairly provide other viewpoints.'

4) No advertising. Information that benefits a commercial interest and not the community at large is not welcome. Businesses are still welcome to provide information that benefits the community if no financial or personal benefit arise. We also cannot accept anything that explicitly supports any political candidate or group. Issue advocacy is still acceptable.

5) Be transparent. If you have any biases or personal interest in the story, you need to be upfront about it. You do not need to be neutral, but you should be clear if your position can impact your reporting.

6) Cause a positive impact. Your story should help improve the Deaf community and help resolve issues. Simple criticism or raising up issues without helping to resolve them should be avoided.

7) Build bridges. The Deaf community is strongest when it works in coalition with interested parties. Accusations and divisiveness is not in our interest. Instead provide stories that encourage interaction, collaboration and understanding between diverse groups.

8) Encourage engagement. Your story should be worthwhile to share, encourage discussion and provide a course of action people can take if needed.

We would be remiss in our goal of including the public without encouraging input. Please do comment or email us if you have any suggestions or feedback.