New Accessibility Features at the Capitol

The Minnesota Capitol Building has been undergoing restoration since 2015. The renovation is still ongoing but we were able to return the Capitol in 2017![Screenshot: Changes at the Capitol]
So far, there have been many wonderful changes. For example:
• Increased seating/accessibility features in hearing rooms
• Public, accessible bathrooms on every floor
• Mother’s Room on 1st floor
• New public meeting rooms
• New Visitor Center
• New classroom
• More dining options
• Better WiFi
[Screenshot: New Accessibility Features]
Before there were 3 accessible entrances. Now there are 4. The accessible entrances are:
• South via main entrance at ground level.
• West via ground level - accessible to those with card-reader access. The East Ground entrance will be open with card-readers in April 2017.
• North via Tunnel access from the Minnesota Senate Building.
There is also tunnel access from the State Office Building with no stairs but there is a steep slope.
The closest Metro Mobility drop off site is on Cedar Street, East of the Capitol, near the entrance.
[Screenshot: Parking at the Capitol]
There is a map that shows the locations for both public parking and disability parking. Visitors might want to take the Light Rail. The closest stop is the Capitol/Rice St. Station.
[Longer screenshot of map]
[Screenshot: Assistive Listening]
Hearing loops, which enable hearing aid users with t-coils to have sound direct transmitted into their hearing aids, have now been installed in:
• All hearing rooms in the Capitol building and the Minnesota Senate Building. Loops are not installed in the State Office Building, where most House hearings happen.]
• House and Senate Chambers
• Supreme Court Courtroom
[Screenshot: Assistive Listening Devices]
Assistive Listening Devices (FM Systems) can be checked out for use from two locations.
[Screenshot: Minnesota Senate Building, Room G-430, 651-296-1119.]
[Screenshot: House Sergeants’ Office, Room B-17, 651-296-4860]. You can use the FM system in the State Office Building and in the House Chamber. Learn more at:
[Screenshot: Closed Captioning]
All live and archived House and Senate television programming is closed captioned. Learn more at:
[Screenshot: Public Information and Tours]
The Minnesota Historical Society is now providing free guided tours of the Capitol building during business hours. Come and learn more about the Capitol history, architecture, and state government. If you are requesting accommodations or if you are in a group of 10 or more, please contact or call 651.259.3003. More information about the tours are at:
[Screenshot: Sign Up for Lobby Day]
Have you signed up to attend Deaf, DeafBlind & Hard of Hearing Lobby Day on Wednesday, March 8, 2017? Join us!

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