Event Submission Guidelines

Anyone can submit an event. Events must be relevant to our Minnesota Deaf Community to be posted. They must also follow our guidelines. It is the submitter's responsibility to ensure everything is correctly posted.
We ask that users register first in order to prevent spam. If you prefer, you can easily sign in with your social media (Facebook or Twitter) account.


We encourage people to submit American Sign Language videos for their events. You can submit a youtube link to embed a featured video for your event.

Note: Videos must be accessible. Videos that are not in ASL and/or captioned will be rejected.

Featured Image

We encourage events to include a graphic image to go along with it. This image will be shown on the event page, and converted into a thumbnail to use within the calendar. You must use a .jpg, .gif or .png image format. PDF or Word files won't work.

We do not accept 'flyers' or anything similar for this purpose. A flyer is designed to be handed out, and not seen digitally.  Lots of text within an image file are not readable when converted into a thumbnail; are not accessible and are not searchable.

Please use the event description to explain all details of the event. This is more accessible than a 'flyer'.

We also encourage people to provide an ASL Video. This can also be featured. Provide a link to the video (youtube or other site), and it will be embedded within the post.

Event Description

You need to explain everything about the event. Please address why you will have your event, and what will be happening.

The date, time and location of the event do not need to be within the description. We have separate fields for these. Events that are not clearly explained cannot be posted.

Events will be moderated to ensure they are appropriate. They will not be edited. It is your responsibility to ensure your grammar is correct.


This should be the name of the organization running the event. Events can be filtered by organization. A custom description of your organization can be added separately.


All events should clearly identify what communication methods will be provided at the event. Provide further information within the event description if needed. Events which do not clearly explain this will not be posted.

Facebook Events

We are using a feature which allows us to follow Facebook page events and automatically pull them into this site. If your organization has a Facebook page and you are interested in sharing events you post there, please let us know.