CSD Minnesota DV/SA Program introduces its new advocates

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Video description: three women stand in front of a lake and sign to the camera:

(Woman in middle): Hi! My name is Stephanie. I work for CSD Minnesota. We're here in beautiful Walker, MN attending our partner agency Day One's annual, or biannual, summit. It's really been awesome, we're learning a lot, right?
We have great news to share with you! We've been approved for funding from the Office of Justice Programs (OJP). What that means is I'm now a full time program coordinator/advocate plus - and this is awesome! - we were able to hire two new fabulous advocates. Who are they?

(Woman on left) Hi my name is Amanda.
(Woman on right) Hi, my name is Marisa.
(Woman in middle) And what we really want you to know today is
(All three together) You are not alone.

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