CSD Minnesota offers Survivor Self Care Kits

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[transcript and video description after message]
CSD Minnesota Advocates and Volunteers are creating Self-Care Kits to offer to our participants throughout the year. Emotional and physical self-care is about taking steps to feel healthy and comfortable, and help cope with and alleviate the short and long term effects of trauma. Self care activities may include healthy eating, exercise, meditation and personal care activities like warm baths and using comforting personal products.

We are hoping to create around 150 packages to distribute throughout the next year.

We are looking for small or mid-size items or monetary support from community members and community businesses.

New small toys suitable for a range of ages
Face, bath and body products
Tokens (like little angels or coins or rocks with phrases)
Non-perishable healthy snacks (preferably nut-free)
Gift cards
Art supplies (like mandala coloring books & markers/colored pencils)
Other items individuals feel may contribute to a sense of well-being
Reusable bags

If you would like to support this project, you may send or drop off your donation at our office, or contact us directly at 651-829-9089 or advocates@csd.org and we will gladly come and pick it up!

[transcript and video description]
[two women sit on a bench outdoors facing the camera]

[Woman to right] Hi, my name is Ilona.
Woman on lef] Hi, my name is Marisa.

I: We are here in Minneapolis, in the Twin Cities.
M: We are here with CSD Advocacy Program.
I: CSD provides services for Deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind people experiencing physical and emotional abuse.

M: Many people experience abusive relationships- both long and short term. We at CSD would like to provide self-care kits
Right now, we are asking the community [and companies] to donate a few things to make around 150 self care kits for women, men and children in abusive relationships.

[image of with different items including nail polish and painted inspirational messages and a heart made of Fall leaves]

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