CSD Minnesota offers Survivor Self Care Kits

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CSD Minnesota Advocates and Volunteers are creating Self-Care Kits to offer to our participants throughout the year. Emotional and physical self-care is about taking steps to feel healthy and comfortable, and help cope with and alleviate the short and long term effects of trauma. Self care activities may include healthy eating, exercise, meditation and personal care activities like warm baths and using comforting personal products. We are hoping to create around 150 packages to distribute throughout the next year. We are looking for small or mid-size items or monetary support from community members and community businesses.

CSD Minnesota DV/SA Program introduces its new advocates

Video description: three women stand in front of a lake and sign to the camera:


(Woman in middle): Hi! My name is Stephanie. I work for CSD Minnesota. We’re here in beautiful Walker, MN attending our partner agency Day One’s annual, or biannual, summit. It’s really been awesome, we’re learning a lot, right?

Donate to MDS for Give to the Max Day

Mujahid Zafar and his father Mohammad share a brief clip encouraging people to donate to MDS for Give to the Max Day.

MDS Principal to ‘Lip Sync’ for Give to the Max Day

Susan Lane-Outlaw has been selected to be one of 13 Principals to participate in the Give to the Max Day Principal’s Lip Sync Challenge with Metro Deaf School students. The above video is of the students performing the song they will be ‘lip syncing’ for the performance. Give to the Max Day is an annual one-day fundraising event for Minnesota non-profits. This year it is held on November 12 . Metro Deaf School is fundraising for two projects, including a Student Life fundraiser and helping build a new cooking classroom. Susan and the MDS students are scheduled to perform at 12:31 pm at the Mall of America Hard Rock Cafe. A few other Deaf-related organizations fundraising for Give to the Max Day are MRID, Hands and Voices, ASLBlend and us at DeafMN.

MNGUAA talk with Bobbi Cordano

Minnesota Chapter of the Gallaudet University Alumni Association (MNGUAA) hosted a  “talk show” event on October 31, 2015 at Wilder Center in Saint Paul, MN. Andrew Oehrlein interviewed Roberta “BOBBI” Cordano who has been selected as the next president of Gallaudet University effective January 1, 2016.