Want to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist?

Now’s your chance! This training is free for those who are accepted into the program. Hotel & Travel not covered for non-residents of MN. Trainees will have the opportunity to develop skills in supporting other Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing persons who are working towards recovering from mental health issues. Interested?

Work as a Deaf Certified Peer Support Specialist

Story Summary: 

Applications are being accepted for those who are interested in joining the Deaf Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) Program. Specialists will be able to provide support to other Deaf peers with Mental Health needs. Applicants will undergo a weeklong training May 23-28. (See our event page). This program was recently profiled by the MinnPost. Transcript of Video: 

Video Description: White Deaf Signing Woman signing to camera (Vlog style).

Minnesota Deaf Certified Peer Support Specialist Program

Video Transcript and descriptions:
[Footage Description: 4:13 video discussing the Deaf Certified Peer Support Program in Minnesota. Dori (white woman with curly brown hair, wearing brown turtleneck and blue jeans) narrates most of the video. In the middle of the video, Alison (white woman wearing navy blue sweater and blue jeans) also narrates for a bit. Both are seated in an atrium area, against a wood and stone backdrop, and lots of green plants at different levels. In the far background are white pillars and stairs.]

Opening Titles: Minnesota Peer Support Specialist Program [White text on black background].